Smorgasbord Music Festival

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General Information

Eddie Deen's Ranch Downtown Dallas
944 S Lamar St, Dallas, TX 75202


Date & Time
Saturday, June 09th 2018
Doors Open 6PM
Doors close 2AM


Age & ID Requirements
Ages 18+ to Enter
Ages 21+ to drink
Government ID must be valid, reflect birth date, and include a picture.
This includes Passports, Drivers Licenses, & ID cards


Food & Alcohol
There will be a variety of food and alcohol located at this event. Come hungry and come prepared to drink!


Art, Vending, & Live Painting
Lots of art will be on display and for sale! There will be vendors of all kinds. Be sure to bring extra spending money if you wish to purchase items from them! ATMs will be available inside the venue.


Allowed Items
We allow LED gloves, Hula Hoops, Orbital, Glow Poi, Masks, E-CIGS, Kandi Bracelets, Drawstring bags, Hats, Gogo Attire, Fluffies, LED glasses, Flags, Festival wear, Festival trinkets, & Costumes


Zero Tolerance For Illegal Activity Policy
Absolutely no illegal drugs possession or consumption is allowed. Anyone caught using or possessing drugs will be removed from the event.
Absolutely no weapons allowed. This includes guns, knives, switchblades, Brass Knuckles and anything that can be used to harm someone or yourself.


Drink lots of Water!
This event will be in June, June is hot. There will be a large crowd and lots of dancing and sweating. Be sure to stay hydrated and drink lots of water. Free water will be available to everyone. You will be able to fill any container you bring, and have skip the line access with a SMORG Bottle!